Enfield Weekly Press: Student steps up to give back

By December 20, 2016The Holidays

KENNETCOOK: While the work-to-rule job action is happening with teachers, many parents have been focusing on the extra-curricular activities that are on hold.

But, for one student, her focus was on those in need and how Hants North Rural High School used to help out.

Katelyn White is a student at HNRH. Each year, she participated in the O2 program-run food bank, which sees a large donation made to the Hants North Food Bank each year.

When she learned that won’t be happening this year, she, with the encouragement of Anita Benedict, decided to step up and make a difference.

“I along with Anita felt saddened that because of the work to rule the food bank drive at school would not happen this year and Anita had the idea to do one at school that was student led which also isn’t allowed,” explained White. “So we came up with the idea to bury the sled.”

So, with two days of quick planing, White had help from her little brother, Drew, who lent out his beloved snowmobile to attempt to bury in food donations. During the Christmas Festival and Tree Lighting in Kennetcook, White was stationed outside of the Freshmart collecting donations.

“It was a great turn out,” said White. “Our community is so great and supportive, and I was so glad everyone came together to make it a success.”

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