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Our flagship newspaper provides in-depth coverage for all of Pictou County, from local town councils all the way up to stories and commentaries that have attracted national attention.

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 One of the largest weekly newspapers in Canada, covering Lunenburg and Queens counties on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

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The Courier is one of the only independent reporting voices in New Brunswick, providing a different perspective on the social, political and business developments of our closest neighbour.

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 The Reporter has one of the largest coverage areas of any community newspaper in eastern Canada. Its reporters are on the job all across four counties, both on the mainland and in Cape Breton, including Antigonish, Guysborough, Victoria and Richmond.

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Our Magazines

Style, entertainment, business-to-business, tourism and even urban living, if you can name it then Advocate probably produces a magazine of interest to you. In addition to our self-owned titles, we also work closely with professional associations, universities and local entrepreneurs to provide all the professional publishing services they need to produce a quality periodical.