Pictou Advocate: List of Pictou County schools closed, facing closure, demolished or repurposed


Following is a partial list of Pictou County schools closed, facing closure, demolished or repurposed:

  1. East River St. Mary’s school (cc2002)
  2. East Pictou Middle School (closing once students moved to F.H. MacDonald as P-8 facility)
  3. W.A. MacLeod School (now P-8 with students from East River Valley and middle school students from Stellarton and Westville)
  4. Highland Consolidated Middle School (former Westville High School closed due to mould issues)
  5. Temperance Street Elementary (closed and repurposed as apartments)
  6. Acadia Street Elementary (closed, future unknown)
  7. New Glasgow Junior High (demolished, site used for New Glasgow Academy P-8 facility)
  8. Pictou Academy (former facility closed, students moved to adjacent McCulloch school renamed Pictou Academy)
  9. West Pictou Elementary (closed and demolished, students moved into what is now West Pictou Consolidated School)
  10. River John Consolidated School (closed, students dispersed to other schools, recently sold)
  11. North Nova Education Centre (high school that replaced New Glasgow High, Trenton High, East Pictou Rural High)
  12. Northumberland Regional High School (replaced Westville High School that closed, West Pictou District High that is now West Pictou Consolidated School and Stellarton High School that was partly demolished and the remainder repurposed as apartments)
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