Pictou Advocate: Veterans Unit residents enjoy days when they take bus rides

By November 2, 2016Remember

NEW GLASGOW – They reside in Pictou at the Northumberland Veterans Unit.

But those residents who are able, enjoy their bus rides to see different things, even if it’s a chat and coffee at Tim Hortons.

Clem Guthro and Laurier McSween were among those who accompanied NVU recreation director Dennis Chipman on a recent trip for coffee.

Guthro has warm feelings about the veterans unit and how it’s operated.

“I like it because Dennis is there,” he said. “I have no complaints. We’re very fortunate to have a place like it.”

Guthro joined the Canadian Army in 1943 as part of the Allied cause in the Second World War.

“I just turned 20,” he said.

Guthro was in campaigns along the Western Front and was among Canadians to enter Holland and Germany.

“I was about 50 miles from Berlin when the war ended, but I got there later,” he said.

Chipman said Guthro is among the many residents who like to join activities at the unit or on the various bus trips they are provided.

“Clem is a very eager participant, very vocal,” he said. “If the bus goes, Clem goes.”

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