Remembrance ceremony in Harve Boucher

By February 4, 2020Remember

Photos by Drake Lowthers

A portion of the Coulor Guard watches the ceremony after leading the parade of veterans and cadets during the Havre Boucher Verterans’ Association’s Rembrance Day service, November 3.
With approximately 300 people in attendance at the Havre Boucher Remembrance Day service on Sunday, nearly every aspect of the communtiy was represented including the Havre Boucher Volunteer Fire Department.
Approximately 295 people gathered at the Havre Boucher Community Centre on Sunday for the annual Remembrance Day service, which marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
Oakley MacLean ushered in the Legion Colour Guard and is seen playing The Lament during Havre Boucher’s Remembrance Day service on November 3.
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