Saying thank you to a veteran

By November 7, 2018Remember

We asked students from Thorburn Consolidated School: What would you do for a veteran to say thank you?

Here are their responses …


Jesse Latter, 13 – If I ever saw a veteran… I could offer to pay for them or, say they need help with groceries, I would help them carry them.


Bailey Eaton, 13 – Anything he wants. I would treat him as a superior.


Hannah Cameron, 13 – I would write our local veterans cards to say thank you for how they fought in the war.


Rachel Smalldon, 12 – Give them a poppy.


Annabelle Macleod, 12 – I would write a story. I would take a bunch of lost soldiers and use their stories to make a big book with all of their names.


Savanna Murray, 12 – Go to a ceremony and just say thank you very much.

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