The Port Hawkesbury Reporter: Unique bracelet serves as war memento

By November 3, 2016Remember

MULGRAVE- A well-kept bracelet stashed in her purse reminds her of her younger years, when P.J. Carrigan-Lake, also Patricia Joyce, was working during her teens in Halifax.

The Sand Point native moved to Halifax with her friend, where she worked as a teller at the Royal Bank.

A male friend of hers, referred to as her friend because, Carrigan-Lake explained, dating wasn’t common in those days, was in the Royal Canadian Army serving in Holland during World War II.

The bracelet, made of ten 10-cent Dutch coins tailored together, is still in the same condition today as it was when it was given to her by her friend after he picked it up during his time overseas.

She’s kept it ever since 1946, when he returned from service and gave it to her at the age of 17.

According to Carrigan-Lake, who spoke to The Reporter from her home in Mulgrave, she’s kept it for no reason at all.

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