Why do we wear the poppy?

By November 7, 2018Remember

We asked grades 5 and 6 students at Walter Duggan Consolidated School in Westville: Why do we wear a poppy for Remembrance Day.

Here are their responses:


Matthew Thompson – The poppy represents all the people that died or the veterans from all the wars. The poppy grew on the graves of the people in Flander’s Field. I mostly attend a Remembrance Day service but I don’t know any veterans.


Odessa Lafford – We wear a poppy because it represents the wars and the veterans of the wars. The poppy is the one that marks all the rows where the graves are. I will be wearing a poppy.


Rhiley Best – Poppies are used to remember veterans because the poppies will grow on all the graves and when they grow on the graves you wear them as a sign of respect for the veterans.


Belle MacDonald – We wear a poppy to remember people who fought in the wars for us and for our freedom. Wearing a poppy means that we remember the men and women that lost their lives at battle.


Monica Hilton – We wear a poppy because it’s important to know about the men and women who fought for us. They fought for our freedom.


Sophie Fraser – Poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle because poppies are the flowers that grew in the battlefields after World War One.


Aaden Patton – We wear a poppy so we can remember everybody that fought for us and our freedom.


Brianna Fraser – We wear a poppy to remember those who fought and died for us so we can have peace and enjoy freedom.


Lane Colbourne – We wear a poppy because when the war was on the poppies grew. It shows respect for the people that were in the war and died for us.


Mya Cook Young – We wear a poppy to remember the people that had passed away fighting for our freedom so we can just walk around and feel safe and in some places they can’t. Wearing a poppy is in remembrance of the people that we lost and remembrance of how brave they were.

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